Camino de Santiago

The Cycling Artist is about to embark on a huge 2000km cycling journey from his home to Santiago De Compostella. Read more here!

Timmy is the Cycling Artist, he cycles hundreds of miles a year and uses his cycling adventures to look for and paint inspiring scenes.

If you ever see a colourful cyclist with his paints, it’ll be Timmy. You can see the work his cycle rides inspire right here.

Timmy’s cycled Coast to Coast, Hadrians Wall, East Coast of Scotland, across Northern Ireland, North Wales castles and coast, Hastings to Winchester, Chester to Chepstow, Canterbury Tales Pilgrims route and the Camino de Santiago.

With support from Giant UK and several other high profile cycling equipment clothing and technology suppliers and manufacturers, throughout March and April he intends to cycle and pain the ancient Pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compestella in Galicia, Spain.

For at least a thousand years pilgrims have made their way across Europe to the Cathedral and the tomb of Saint James the Apostle.

In the middle Ages 250,000 people a year made their way across Europe. Like those ancient travellers, Timmy will set off from his home to make my way across three countries.

The difference is he’ll be on his stunning Giant Explore 1 E-Bike carrying his paints with him to create a series of artworks that reflect the journey.

Watch Timmy’s reaction as he takes delivery of his brand new Giant Explore 1 E-Bike!

Supporting Timmy on this amazing adventure is:

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